First | Part two

After a quick visit to the kitchen she got back to the bedroom carrying two steaming hot cups of freshly brewed, black coffee. She sat back down on the bed, handed over his coffee and then they both proceeded to slowly sipping their coffees in silence.

Her thoughts began to race and try to make some sense out of the last twenty-four hours. The stress and anxiety began to attack her mind and she decided it was best to just let it go. The events of yesterday wasn´t something new, it was nothing that hadn´t happened before and she knew by years of experience that thinking things over in this situation wasn´t going to do any good. Yet sometimes she felt the need to stop and wonder, was it worth the pain? For how long is she expected to put up with this? Is there anything better out there waiting for her, something big and great she´s missing out on? She didn’t fully know the answer these questions but she always came to the conclusion that it was worth it. She loved him, deeply, and even how hard she or anybody else tried to prove the opposite she would always end up falling back on him. She couldn’t let him go, she would never give up on him because you don’t give up on the things you love. You don’t give up on the ones you love even if they´re full of flaws, you learn to accept the flaws. You learn to love the flaws; you learn to love every single molecule of their being.

After she´d finished her cup she broke the silence by asking: “How´d ya sleep?” Her words came out surprisingly smooth for being the second thing said in the morning.

The man continued sipping his coffee and seemed to neglect her existence. She stared down into her mug and nervously twiddled her fingers around the stained porcelain ear.

“Fine” he finally answered.

“That´s good” she retorted bluely with her head hanging low, eyes fixed on the black coffee-grounds at the bottom of her cup.

He scuffed closer and carefully wrapped his arms around her, tenderly kissing her cheek as she leaned back against him. In his embrace she felt safe, with his strong arms protecting her petite form she felt secure and all the anxiety provoking thoughts that previously weighed her down seemed to lift off and float away.

“What´s bothering you sweets?” he asked gently. “I wanna´ see your big, bright smile shine for me” he continued happily.

“I just hate it when we fight. I don´t want us to be mad at each other” she retorted, slowly lifting her head to gaze into his bright blue eyes.

“Oh but do you know how to go about easing my anger” he asked, with a slightly teasing tone. She slowly turned her head back and forth. Without warning he crushed her down on the bed, straddling her waist and keeping both of her wrists locked in an iron grip above her head. “It´s rather easy” he whispered to her ear as he let his free hand travel teasingly slow alongside her ribcage, feeling her Goosebumps and the soft baby hairs that now began to rise. He couldn’t help grinning at her expression; her big eyes were locked with his in a wide open stare of something he by experience could recognise as an exited fear. In moments like this she was, according to him, as most beautiful. He loved her like this; at his mercy, unable to fight back. Suddenly he dug down and began to tickle her madly. Her body snaked beneath him in a helpless attempt to free itself but this act only made his grip tighter and his torture more merciless. As he got to the neck her eyes began to tear and she shamefully begged for her release. He chuckled as he loosened his grip let her pull back from him, freed from him. He couldn´t manage to wipe the smile of his face as he saw her glowing face, all lit up and dressed with a wide smile. “See I told you, it wasn´t too hard” he said whilst looking back at her with a calm but content expression on his face.

The minute after, he was up and about; hurriedly getting ready to head out. He didn’t speak a word to her and the only goodbye she got was the loud sound of the front door being thrown closed after he left.

As the front door, later that afternoon, opened a smell of women’s perfume and cheap cigarettes followed the man whom entered. Fiona greeted her man by throwing herself at him as if she hadn’t seen him for ages. She had longed for his return ever since he left after the moment they shared that morning. As she was hugging him tightly and nuzzling the crook of his neck she soon caught up with the smell and then quickly drew herself away. Her eyes stared up at him from under her furrowed brows and then he instinctively backed away as he saw a shadow of anger and upset flicker past her gaze.


First | Part one

She took a deep breath. Tears were trickling down her cheeks as her heart crashed and sunk to the bottom of her chest. Tonight´s sudden events had left her feeling lost and misplaced. She didn’t know what to make of herself, she truly felt lost. Lost without him, all alone and vulnerable.

This wasn´t the first time they had fought. Their relationship had never been fully functional, a feud between them was as common as sawdust around an active sawmill. But this time things had escalated and now she was standing there, soaking up the rain from above, nowhere to go and utterly terrified. She looked back at the house she once had called home; it oozed of welcoming warmth. She hesitated at first but then decided to turn back. Scared for her life she pushed down the handle and gently pushed the door open. She took a short second to gather courage before stepping in. A tense silent coated the atmosphere. The sound from him clearing his throat broke the silence and made her jump from the floor. She was sure her heart had stopped and her mind had shut off in defense from the terror she felt. The shock and terror she felt became obvious on her face and whilst stammering nonsense she slowly walked backwards, stupidly cornering herself against. The man seemed to be calm and chuckled as he analyzed her vivid reaction.

“So you came back huh?” “I know you would calm down and gather your senses. I´m glad it didn’t take you too long.” The man spoke in a forcibly soft voice.

She couldn’t bare herself to speak, not even a yelp could be squeezed out.

He pushed her up against the wall, placing both hands firmly on her hips. She gazed into his stern eyes and melted into his embrace. His lips found their way to her neck and as the tip of his tongue traced her bare skin she couldn’t hold back the moan escaping from her parted lips. Before she knew it she was mauling at his mouth and clothes where hastily coming off. His big and strong hands where sliding up her waist, exploring the curves of her body with an eager lust. Her mind was floating above the clouds as she was lost in the pure ecstasy of his love. Everything was forgiven and what was not forgiven was forgotten.

She woke up by the bright daylight seeking it´s way in through the broken blinds. His back was facing her. His bone skinny and pale back. There were countless scars and markings covering his entire body and the back was no exception. She never minded the scars; they were a part of him and would always be. She minded the people who´d given him the scars. But it was his way of living life and he would never change that. Not for no one, not even himself. He stirred as she reached out to touch him and she instinctively withdrew her hand. He turned and looked at her with sleepy eyes and muttered something under his breath before going back to sleep.

“Good morning darling” she whispered kindly as she planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

“I told you to go get some coffee” he grunted whilst shoving her away.

She rose with a smile on her face, pulled on a stray sweater from the floor and walked out of the bedroom, happily making her way to the kitchen.

My first post

Hi and welcome to my recently started blog. On this blog I will solely post short stories written by me. This blog is my first step towards reaching my dream which is becoming an official published writer. If you are of a younger age and or have problems with violence, unethicality, horror or sex I strongly advise you against reading my stories. My stories can seem quite gruesome and are not to be read by sore eyes.

Constructive feedback is welcomed, I have a lot to work on regarding my writing and this is me practicing in order to someday write high-quality content. For an author who´s looking for development in her writing, constructive feedback is vital.

Happy reading ^_^