First | Part one

She took a deep breath. Tears were trickling down her cheeks as her heart crashed and sunk to the bottom of her chest. Tonight´s sudden events had left her feeling lost and misplaced. She didn’t know what to make of herself, she truly felt lost. Lost without him, all alone and vulnerable.

This wasn´t the first time they had fought. Their relationship had never been fully functional, a feud between them was as common as sawdust around an active sawmill. But this time things had escalated and now she was standing there, soaking up the rain from above, nowhere to go and utterly terrified. She looked back at the house she once had called home; it oozed of welcoming warmth. She hesitated at first but then decided to turn back. Scared for her life she pushed down the handle and gently pushed the door open. She took a short second to gather courage before stepping in. A tense silent coated the atmosphere. The sound from him clearing his throat broke the silence and made her jump from the floor. She was sure her heart had stopped and her mind had shut off in defense from the terror she felt. The shock and terror she felt became obvious on her face and whilst stammering nonsense she slowly walked backwards, stupidly cornering herself against. The man seemed to be calm and chuckled as he analyzed her vivid reaction.

“So you came back huh?” “I know you would calm down and gather your senses. I´m glad it didn’t take you too long.” The man spoke in a forcibly soft voice.

She couldn’t bare herself to speak, not even a yelp could be squeezed out.

He pushed her up against the wall, placing both hands firmly on her hips. She gazed into his stern eyes and melted into his embrace. His lips found their way to her neck and as the tip of his tongue traced her bare skin she couldn’t hold back the moan escaping from her parted lips. Before she knew it she was mauling at his mouth and clothes where hastily coming off. His big and strong hands where sliding up her waist, exploring the curves of her body with an eager lust. Her mind was floating above the clouds as she was lost in the pure ecstasy of his love. Everything was forgiven and what was not forgiven was forgotten.

She woke up by the bright daylight seeking it´s way in through the broken blinds. His back was facing her. His bone skinny and pale back. There were countless scars and markings covering his entire body and the back was no exception. She never minded the scars; they were a part of him and would always be. She minded the people who´d given him the scars. But it was his way of living life and he would never change that. Not for no one, not even himself. He stirred as she reached out to touch him and she instinctively withdrew her hand. He turned and looked at her with sleepy eyes and muttered something under his breath before going back to sleep.

“Good morning darling” she whispered kindly as she planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

“I told you to go get some coffee” he grunted whilst shoving her away.

She rose with a smile on her face, pulled on a stray sweater from the floor and walked out of the bedroom, happily making her way to the kitchen.


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