First | Part four

She lost herself looking out the front window. The wet and dark asphalted road was rolling fast beneath and the bright shine from the streetlights reflected in the water and created a beautiful lightshow. The stereo provided with a barely hearable harmonic background song. As the world outside flew by, time seemed to have stopped inside the car. Fiona recoiled herself from her trance and looked up at her man. He meet her eyes in the rearview mirror, they locked eye contact for a few intense second before he broke away and focused back on the road. In wanting to be as close to him as possible Fiona rather ungracefully moved herself to the front passenger seat.

“What happened?” She stammered

He fumbled in his pockets and pulled up a packet of Marlboro Red, put one to the lips and lit it. He exhaled a cloud of smoke and answered her shortly, “Can´t talk about it.”

“Can´t talk about it! I was there, I have every right to know!” she shouted back at him, more disappointed than furious.

“You shouldn’t have followed me” he retorted coldly whilst continuing to fill the car with lung shrinking smoke.

“I followed you because I care for you” she said at the verge of tears.

“You should´ve trust me to not do anything immoral” he said, not even glancing back at her.

“You kill people. I´m not sure of where your morals lay” she stated whilst making her window roll down.

“That’s my job. I need to follow my bosses’ orders, I need to do my duty as his employee and all that it involves in order to provide for me and YOU” “I do it for US” he said firmly.

“What if your boss would tell you to do something that would really hurt me personally?” she asked with a lump in her throat.

“He wouldn’t. We´re like a family at work, we show respect and we don’t kid around with personal life” he answered her.

“I bet your boss would fancy his employees’ not to have personal baggage weighing them down” she said, staring out the window.

“Maybe. Probably, but he´s aware of that that’s a rare trait amongst people, and in this world we´re living in he can’t afford to be too picky”. He finished off his cigarette and tossed it out her open window.

That night she fell asleep next to the man she was supposed to love but still felt lonelier than ever. Her thoughts kept her awake and she didn’t manage to get much sleep at all.

The morning came and awoke them both with its brightening beams breaking in between the curtains, which intentions was to keep the light out.

Dazed from being newly woken, Fiona had forgotten all of the previous night events and snuggled up against Jack´s back. He turned and affectionately planted a soft kiss on the top of her head. Fiona’s hands felt up and down his exposed, toned torso whilst her lips found his. “Always so eager to please” Jack chuckled. His sweet and utterly charming chuckle. “How could anyone resist a man like you?” she whispered huskily. He grunted as answer and pressed her down into mattress as he climbed on top of her, eagerly planting kisses all over her pale flesh. For a short moment they both lived in a world of bliss and peace, in a world where the time seemed to have stopped. In just a few minutes reality would catch on to them and it´s bitter taste would hit them like a punch to the face.


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