First | Part five

The sound of the doorbell bounced against the naked walls and pierced through the silence that previously had lay over the establishment. The atmosphere tensed up and the both lovers exchanged expressions of worry. As they waited for the person to give up and leave, their house phone also began to ring. Jack turned over and looked at the caller id; “It’s from work he said, sighing deeply”. It wasn’t a sigh of relief; it was a tired sigh from a man who just had gotten really bad news. The ringing didn’t stop, and Jack knew that they sooner or later had to deal with whatever, or rather whomever, was calling them from behind the door.

“I guess I’ll have to go check on the door” Jack finally said. “I guess” Fiona said, gulping down a rock the size of her heart as she did. Jack made a slight effort trying to comb out his dirty blonde locks with his fingers, before he rose from the bed and scavenged the room for clothes. He pulled on a white t-shirt found neatly folded on top of the drawer and a pair of black slacks lying on the floor beneath. He stopped at the threshold and looked back at Fiona, gave her a quick smile, and then proceeded to walk downstairs.

He threw open the door with the confidence of a brave Viking, pulling back old memories of all the horrible things he’d done to others and all the gruesome men he’d fought and won over. Facing him was a woman. She was tall but very thin built, her black hair came down to her shoulders and she looked to be in her late thirties. She smelled of work; a scent of heavy smoke and mud but somewhere beneath the layers he could sense a sweet, flowery tone. He flashed her a great smile but she kept her face calm and cold as stone. Intimidated by her seriousness, Jack lowered his head and cleared his throat before straightforwardly asking her about her errand.

“I’m here on the behalf of your employer” she spoke with a steady voice. “He has tried to contact you for the past twelve hours. Apparently he has something important to discuss with you and he sent me out to bring you to him.” “He said that if I couldn’t return you to his office, I wouldn’t bother returning at all.”

“yeah, the boss can become quite pushy when the abstinence from his favorite boy kicks in” Jack laughed.

The woman stared blankly back at him. “Boss wouldn’t be fond of having his employers making a joke of him” “You should treat him with the respect he deserves.”

“I am showing him the respect he deserves, the boss is only one big joke after all.” Jack said as sternly as he could manage, whilst keeping his cocky laughter on the inside.

“If you wish to keep your job you should defiantly not speak about boss in that way.”

“Maybe boss puts a shiver down the spine on weak delivery girls like you, but to me he is no more threat than a simple housefly.” Jack had taken a step closer and spoke the words to her face with a terrifying voice which scared the woman, almost more than the boss’s did.

“If you would just come with me” she quivered, her voice now braking slightly compared to her previous confident tone.

Jack followed obediently, with a smug grin on his face.


Castle|Part one

A breeze of chilling air woke her up. Through her newly woken daze she tried to locate herself. She found herself surrounded by high, bright strands of grass; waving back and forth in slow motion. The meadow seemed to reach towards the horizon on every side of her. She slowly got up and put a hand to her pulsating forehead, she had never before experienced an ache this intense. Confusedly she tried to remember what had happened prior, but she couldn’t seem to grasp the faded memories floating just beyond her reach. She started to walk towards a haphazardly chosen direction in hope of getting back to her step-mothers cotton-cabin that slowly made itself visible in her mind. After a few short minutes of walking she reached a big mansion; white flakes of aged paint covered the ground beneath the patchy mansion walls, on which long branches of dried out ivy desperately stretched across. Her heart beat hard against her chest as she debated whether or not she should seek help from whoever might live inside. She took a look around; it seemed like she, the building and the grass was the only existing things for miles. Her survival instincts took over and she stepped forward towards the great wooden door. She reached for the gilded door knocker and beat it hard against the door; it made a sound and then slowly opened. No one was to be seen as she peeked inside but a sense of curiosity swept over her and she stepped inside.

The marbled floors were covered with a thick layer of dust and the air felt heavy in her lungs as she took a deep breath.

“Hello…” She said shyly and she didn’t receive an answer.